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Turn-Key Workforce Camps

When you are needing work done on your investment or business project, give us a try. We offer Turn-Key services for Workforce Camps. Employee “man-camps” as they were once called, can be a lucrative investment & convenience for a company & its hard working employees. That’s why these remote accommodations need to be setup to work for both the company and employee. Investing in these large projects can be daunting, complicated & risky. You need a good team to help with the completion of your project on time and budget.

Project design for Workforce Camps

We can help you with every aspect of your project if you need it, including the design and layout of your project site. Project design is better when the installers and investors see the project from both sides of the equation both the design side & the building side.

Design vs. budget for Workforce Camps

Some investors have pretty wild ideas for building “mancamps” or Workforce camps. That’s all well & good until design butts heads with 1 of 2 things, the installer says due to construction restrictions or that the construction would be cost prohibitive. A budget for a project such as a workforce work/sleep camp will force unintentional limits on design.

Workforce Camp Construction Budgets vs. Weather

Once the project begins the construction can have weather delays, cost overruns & other mitigating factors that push the design limits. Sometimes how far away buildings are is a problem with plumbing & electrical. The density of the ground as well can have impact on the time it takes workers to complete tasks. The weather can play a part in the workforce camp build time. A heavy rain week can delay things for several days at a time such as cement, transportation/install of modular buildings, electrical & more for days if they need firm ground or no rain in the air to work with.

Making the right decision for your workforce camps

When you decide your ready to dive into the project for your mancamp or workforce camp. We want to help with employee housing, installation, electrical, plumbing, septic, fencing, driveways, foundation & more.




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